L’Abyrinth, Poetry by Greg Fanning

Genre: Philosophical, Spiritual, Mythic, Personal

by Greg Fanning

’tis but a simple leap of faith
Hesitant ….. and Patient
still, he is inexorably drawn to
….. Insistent

A perfect aureole of kindled torches
vulnerable thru an onliest entry
nay, not vulnerable ….. inviting

Ingress, as it should be …..
as Fate …..
….. might decree

Simpler than expected
yet paradoxically
breathtakingly intricate …..

No two steps will align his future
No one step will alter his past
Yet every resolute stride
leads to ….. Moirai

No random soliloquies exist, save …..
a Weaver who clothes each soul
a Surveyor who lengthens every soul
a Cutter who defines all souls

yet Fate Herself
drafts our impulsive life chronicles
traced with sweeping, luminous ink
upon crinkled, ancient papyrus scrolls
layering depth beyond what parchment can retain …..

The deeper her scrawls …..
….. the richer our journeys …..

All reliant upon Her own practical whimsy

Chartres beckons …..
offering the possibility of …..

rediscovery insight clarity
purpose realignment
meaning awakening closure

Whilst crossing the threshold
His first thoughts emerge
….. and from so long ago …..

When does patience ….. become denial?
When does denial ….. become patience?

Curves necessitate balance …..
Equilibrium of breaths and pace …..
Symmetry of chance and choice …..
Walk the L’Abyrinth …..

Seeking the visible centre
so alluringly ….. adjacent
so curiously ….. afar
so wonderfully ….. accurate

….. Namaste …..

A single, sole man
entered a labyrinth

But emanating
from this L’Abyrinth
is someone quite different …..

A solitary, Dragon Soul
has emerged …..

Traveller …..

    * * * * *

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