My Dear Boy, Poetry by Camila Cal

Genre: Dark

My Dear Boy
By: Camila Cal

What do we have here?
Anther haunting, perhaps?
How absolutely dreary…
A human!
My dear boy, where is your pulse?
Tell me, did she take it?
Did she leave you strewn on this linoleum floor with bullet holes where your freckles
Should be?
Now, now.
Do not fret,
But do not hope either.
Lean in, come here!
I need to reveal something to you.
My dear boy…
She is not returning.
These… Chains shackling you to her
Are all you have left.
Oh, do not cry!
Where is your backbone?
She took that too, eh?
My dear boy,
I am afraid you are nothing more than a
Mound of matter.
Why are you still here?
I can take you,
If you please.
The agony and pressure on your chest
Will vanish…
Just like she did.
Oh, my dear boy,
Do not try to be a hero.
The only person who needs saving
Is yourself.
Decaying in this rubble of heartbreak is
Hardly what I call salvation.
Just close your eyes…
It’ll all be over soon,
My Dear Boy.

* * * * *
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