The Street I Lived, Poetry by Chey Laine

¬†Genre: Life, Society, Dark, True Story, People In the brilliance of the night screaming believers rage the streets of plenty looking for holes in hope needles and thread they carry in the plenty band aids won’t help here ~ friends there’s more than enough of the ill and the lost to live on and here… Continue reading The Street I Lived, Poetry by Chey Laine

Happy, Poetry by Samrat Rudra

Genre: hurt, dark, death, sad —– ¬†When I was happy I didn’t bother to care that people are dying, orphans are crying I satisfied that I am here… Here so happy and cherish and good But still I wish for more, But what about the beggars on street or people who died ashore.. I am… Continue reading Happy, Poetry by Samrat Rudra