The Midnight shores on a Christmas Morning, Poetry by anakin snider

Genre: Holiday, Love, Romance

The Midnight shores on a Christmas Morning. The Last Supper. The Anonymous One’s Quilled Ink. by JAG Snider
by anakin snider

walking towards the store in this lonely christmas eve pondering down this busy streets upon a women a elderly lady. not much older
on her forty one year.
she teared these songs of forbidden melodies.
crying in better introduction of sorrow.
i sat with her. we talk calmly.
she felt warmth. and with very kind smile.
she was lonely and i as walk.
she told me a story a very short one indeed about her love life pass ones.
and persent times exact, i knew something wasn’t right.
it seem she lost the feeling to live. maybe you can come with me.
I’m Lonely from the sake of being here.
myself was alone as well.
when i touch her. it was like a ghostly figure.
and still.
i quite can’t put it together. we made it to her place to keep warm and had a midnight talk on the eve of christmas
for awhlie.
the demmed cold weather.
the colour in the rooms were kindle misty
as time goes by and the december rain begins to pour and then she lay beside me in a cold state.
asking thee would you stay a little awhile.
that morning on christmas. the snowing shores was beautiful and bright.
we kissed and the attention slowly. unsuspected.
in some parts. i refuse.
and teared these lonely agony pain. screaming in a tortured fashion.
I calmed her down with a caressing kiss.
she remove her bra for me tasting her lovely untimely breast.
to drink her milk to finally undone the damage that was done.
she was kissing on thy chest and begged for more as i tenderly caress down to find the spot.
we eagered in the mode of excitement and it seems that she moan with such gracious tune
like a relaxing symphony.
we caress more slowly more and little bit.
we took a thirty minute. and we left for stroll down nottingham. it was snowing like her beautiful skin. we had bunch and tea.
smild at me with every ounce of her life being blessed.
thoughout the day. we danced and loved more . i was confuse why i was in this predictment.
in till the night. it seems something was not right.
the mist was getting heavy and was still clear a little and suddenly grim.

we talked for awhile and she said thank you. and her smile came to me as i taste her lips for the last time.
and made love the final curtain and we slept.
the next morning. i awaken and she wasn’t there. her grown was laying on top of me.
the house vacanted. nothing but spider webs and and rusted wood and the stairs was damage.
it seem it been this for years or more.
i ran out to ask around.
heve you see her. the neighbor said. she passed nineteen years ago and her ghostly form wandered for sometime after her death.
i was shock with tears and guilt i felt in love with a Geist. not understanding why, then something strange happen.
that person was a friend of hers.
boy. her name was Eva, her story was and how she died.
it was sad it was the day she met a young boy and for months they meet in secrecy.
and then she wrote that boy a letter. and that night her husband killed her. because of that affair.
i regonize you sir.
she said you will come.
did you do your duty. what i ask.. did you love her. did you caress her every willing blessed shore
yes how. you free her . love you release and now she’s gone her christmas is now was your final gift
this is her letter to you. i opened and read.
my love. dearest child Anny
so long i waited for you to get this,
i knew you come so long i eagered to be free my sweet longering adore.
even before and after you nourish me with your kindness
i love always. my rose. merry xmas 1985.
i walked to her grave. it was a rose engraved. the words.
the black rose that caress his scarlet’s heart. may her weep be no more
may his love nourish evermore


anakin snider

* * * * *
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