Be Leaf, Poetry by The Poet Azeem

Genre: Inspirational

Be Leaf
by The Poet Azeem

    were man to watch closely
    then he would see
    The lessons in nature as taught by a tree
    and limitless courage displayed by its leaf
    who takes its last breath in the wind
    then it leaps
    then spirals, and gleefully glides into peace
    as it grins while it flies
    to our feet
    what a feat

and if we composed half the courage of these
to dive the unknown with joy when we leave
the songs of our heroes would ring endlessly
and nothing on earth under heaven would sleep

If we only had half of the courage of leaves
there would be no fear for there would be no need
An age would be born we would truly fly free
if we had the courage of leaves
when we leave.
if we had the courage of leaves.

    * * * * *

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