The Sun In Love, Poetry by Fred Strydom

Genre: Kids, Rhyme, Family, Relationship

The Sun In Love
by Fred Strydom

I met the sun one night
Off his shift
Sitting in a delicatessen.
Oh, I forgotten to mention,
The sun at night
Looks just like a regular person.
He was drinking some tea
All by himself,
And looking rather alone.
So I asked “Mr Sun, why you lookin’ so glum?”
And he said,
“I’m in love with the moon.”
“You’re in love with the moon?”
I said to the sun,
“Then why’re you alone drinking tea?”
“‘Cos the problem,” he said
While lowering his head,
“Is the moon and I never meet.
When I work in the day,
Y’know, shining my rays,
The moon, well, she has to sleep.
At dusk I then quit,
It’s tough but it’s life
That it’s night
And then she’s on her shift.”
Aha!” I exclaimed. “Well, worry no more,
If I remember correct it’s the fifth.
And today the newspaper weather report
Said the sixth there’d be an eclipse.”

* * * * *
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