Change, Poetry by Chantel Wiggins

Genre: Inspirational, Philosophical, Real

by Chantel Wiggins

Sometimes I walk out my house and wear a cross on my chest
In the neighborhood I’m living in, I should probably wear a vest
For a female it’s not likely
For a black man then possibly
Their lives are taken away and all people can say is sorry
They stare at the dead body with curiosity and wonder why they don’t hear the police siren
Gang bangers on the street loosing money rollin dice
A 15 year old girl gave herself up to a boy she thought was her sugar and spice, to come home to a cup full of bitterness and a test that says positive
Giving birth to baby who isn’t born
Taking care of another life other than her own
Most girls wear clothes that’s a little too revealing
And most boys need a lil sexual healing
And to see them at church wearing dresses and bow ties
Ain’t that just a little misleading?
A father never comes home from work
His baby says
“Where’s my daddy?”
“When is he coming home?”
Baby girl I just saw ya daddy behind a liquor store
Holding hands with another man
She gave me a blank stare
Mixed with curious ignorance
This will be a story that ya mom will never know
She doesn’t even know what I’m talking about and she’s only 4
A 12 year old boy keeps a strap in his backpack just to make it home
Every day is a battle he feels like will never be won
Got a semi automatic just in case he gotta pop one
I know a girl with depression
Her parents always tell her that she’ll never be nothing
That she ain’t worth nothing
She played Russian Roulette alone in her room
Forehead sweating
Fingers trembling
And right when she pulled the trigger
Her 4th college acceptance came in the mail
She closed her door as another one opens
Pushing up daisies when all she wanted was roses
They’re wounded by their past
They’re killed in the present
And never see their future
It’s like these kids have no direction
All they need is a some love and affection
See I’ve learned in church that one word can save a single soul
And I know
Cause one word saved me
It took one word to set me free
That word…
Was love
See, you have to learn how to love yourself
This is real life
And the way my pen hittin’ this paper you’d think that I’m a lie
This my only medication that I need to survive
Cause if I die, I wanna see this generation thrive
I was to see black excellence
Black achievement
Black men standing tall as they wave to their parents after receiving their college degree
Black women, no matter what shade of brown they are
Paint their futures and have children look up to them as if they were movie stars
Look beyond our good looks
In 100 years I want little black boys and little black girls reading about us in their history books
We are all gifts
Sent from above to shine our light
And there will be no reason to fight
As we celebrate this life

* * * * *
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