I Wil Hold My Pen To Bed, Poetry by Ibrahim Olalere

Genre: Inspiration, Spiritual

I Wil Hold My Pen To Bed
By Ibrahim Olalere

I will hold my pen to bed
When the day comes with no words for poetry
I will dream of our infant voices
as mother warns us to quit the dashes
Yet we will run into to the kitchen
Hiding and seeking
Happy and smiling

That I may wake and forget
the nice warm memories of once upon a time
When we played childishly
’cause we were truly children
I shall dream of them
Even if they are now dusty voices

A paper on my chest,
And a pen on my right
While I layed in bed
I had penned a poem before that goes thus ;
“I dreamt of our infant voices
As mother warned us to quit the dashes
Yet,we ran into the kitchen
Hiding and seeking,
Happy and smiling”

By WILDsound Festival

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