You said, I said…, Poetry by Alejandra Erebia

Genre: Sad, depressing, heartbroken, lonely

You said, I said…
by Alejandra Erebia

You said “Do what you want.”

I said “It will only hurt others.”

You said “Do it anyway.”

I said “I can’t.”

You said “Why?”

I said “I care too much, I care about her and how she would feel if I did what I wanted. I don’t know her but I know you two have a connection that you and I do not. I know you have feelings for her too. I won’t do what I want because I want you to do what you want and you want to be with her.”

You said “Oh.”

I said “I wish I didn’t care about others feelings as much as I do.”

You said “That’s a trait I love about you, you care about everyone even if they have hurt you. You care about your parents even if they treat you badly, you care about me even though I keep leaving you alone, you care about Grace even if you know she and I have a connection. You care about everyone. I love you, and when I say that I mean it but not in that way. You caring so much may seem like a flaw but I see it as a perfect imperfection.”

I said “Sometimes I want to die.”

You said “If you go who will care about everyone?”

I said “I guess I have to stay a little longer, don’t I?”

You said “Stay, I need you.”

I said “Only for you.”

You said “Stay because you want to.”

I said “I’ll stay because I care.”

    * * * * *

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  1. Baby I’m so proud of you.. Wow! You are a very intelligent young lady; I hope to talk to you or see you soon..I love you with all my heart. ~Mom


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