Stalker – Who’s Watching You!, Poetry by Sharon Pereira

Genre: Life, Creepy, Rhyme

Stalker – Who’s Watching You!
by Sharon Pereira

It begins as a romance,
a love beyond compare
but soon the dream is shattered
and so begins the… nightmare.

His behaviour starts to change,
just little things at first.
She’s seen him at his best
and now sees him at his worst.

He doesn’t like her talking
to her family or her friends.
It gets too much, she’s had enough
and so the romance ends.

Her life gets gets back to normal
and she’s finally back on track.
She thinks she’s seen the last of him
and that he’s never coming back.

She comes back home from work one day
to find some things have moved.
She suspects that he has been there
but how can this be proved?

She asks him for his key back
and changes all the locks.
She finally thinks she’s caught him
and outsmarted that sly fox.

She starts to get complacent
but it seems that she’s been blind.
He’s watching, waiting, listening…
He’s playing with her mind.

Some items have gone missing.
She thinks it’s all in her head.
She tries to shake the feeling
of uneasiness and dread.

She’s feeling quite exhausted
and decides to call it a night
but little does she realise
she’s in for one enormous fright.

Her lids are getting heavy
and her breathing’s getting deep,
Her mind has started shutting down
as she drifts off into sleep.

She’s awoken by a noise,
a scratching like a mouse
but then she hears the footsteps.
There’s someone in the house!

She leaps out of the bed
and reaches for her phone
but it isn’t where she left it
and she feels scared and alone.

She decides to try and hide
in the hope she’ll not be found.
She tries to hold her breath
and not make a single sound.

The footsteps, they get louder
as he’s now entered the room.
She shuts her eyes and says a prayer
and awaits with pending doom.

It’s while she’s in this sorry state
in the closet where she hides
she remembers in an old shoe box
her trusty gun resides.

She wastes no time, she grabs the gun
and blasts right through the door
but it seems her efforts are all in vain
as he’s not there anymore.

Her mind is thrown, fresh fear takes hold,
the intruder takes his cue.
He grabs the gun, whispers in her ear
“Babe, I’m right behind you”.

    * * * * *

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