Goodbye Cruel World, Poetry by Mohammed Islam Butt

Genre: Take on Poetry

Goodbye Cruel World
by Mohammed Islam Butt

I never thought I See The Day.
Maybe I Got Complacent And Thought I Would Always Be There.
Who I Am I Kidding?
No One Thinks About Me Anymore.
Once Upon A Time,
I Was Like A Drug, Once You had A Taste You Where Hooked For Life.
I Would Be Lucky If Someone Even Gave Me A Second Thought.
I Look Back And Remember A Period, When People Would Write About Me.
They Used To Write Such Things, That It Was Good Being Me.
Greats Such As Yeats, Keats, Shakespeare And
The Deadman…
Sorry Kid, But Truth Be Told I Always Was Thought
You Was Always A Bit Negative When It Came To Me.
I Am Not Blaming You, But I Remember A Different You.
Back When You Was The Joker,
I Saw Happiness And Joy In Those Eyes.
Now, I See Only Hurt And Pain.
I Am Rooting For You Kid,
There Is Someone Waiting For Out There,
You Got To Go And Look.
The Deadman Is A Dieing Breed, Just Like Myself.
We Can’t Compete With Bling, Money And Fast Talking Players.
All He Can Offer Is A Rose, His Heart And His Undivided Attention.
That Don’t Count For Much These Days.
I Am Being Ushered Out And Replaced.
Nice Guys Given There Marching Orders
And Told Don’t Call Us We Will Call You.
What A Day An Age We Live In.
I Will Leave You Now,
But Remember I Am Only A Kiss, A Thought, A Hug Or Even A Glace Away.

Good Bye Cruel World

Love Romance

    * * * * *

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