Life or Death, Poetry by Mohammed Islam Butt

Genre: Political

Life or Death
by Mohammed Islam Butt

On the edge.
Perfectly balanced.
Unlike my mind.
I take a deep breath.
I look up.
Heavens above.
I look down.
Oblivion below.
The waves crash against the rocky cliff, impatiently awaiting my mortal form.
The sun is even hotter than I could have imagined or saw on the T.V.
As if to prove the point sweat invades my eyes
I feel the sting of an unwanted element.
Not much different then what we are; an unwanted element.
My feet shift and small stones fall and are swept up by the mighty tide.
It was so easy to get caught up and enlist.
My elder brother and Pa before me had done the same.
Different time and place but for the same reasons.
It was my Duty he would boom and I should have Pride to live in this country.
I would listen wide eyed and made a solemn promise to do just that.
I did.
Neither my brother nor Pa saw me do it.
My uniform rest against a tree and lays in the shade.
Neatly folded just like my Ma taught me, good times.
Not like the crying and shouting when I left, bad times.
The wind pushes against me to try and make me reconsider
To make me think of my wife and kid.
But what about the man and his son?
Where is the Glory and Honour to be had in separating them for just speaking his mind?
I jump.
Words go through my head.
Patriotism, Freedom and Democracy.
All man made words
And Flawed, Hollow and cold
As The Water Below.

    * * * * *

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