Drops of Paint, Poetry by Blair King

Genre: murder, death

Title: Drops of Paint
by Blair King

He opened the door
and slowly entered the house.
The quiet creak of each floorboard
as he passed above
gave hint that he was there.

To those below,
he was something monstrous,
something treacherous,
something evil.

But to him,
he was someone confused,
someone scared?
someone lost.

Trembling hands reached
to the cellar door.

Locked out.
Locked in.

Both sides
striving for the same thing-
Their life.

He yanked, tugged, and pulled.
They, too.
His hands-
strong, used
urged the door open.

They saw the glint
shining from his hand
as he noticed the glint
shining in their eyes.

He was disgusted with himself.
But he knew what he had to do.

He was a painter,
choosing his pallet,
while holding his brush.
But when the first drop of paint hit the canvas,
his masterpiece had begun.

he swept his brush along the paper.
Before he knew,
his actions had become art.

As he headed back above.
He left them in the cellar below.
He knew the only way
to save himself
was to spill some paint
and create something
grotesquely marvelous.

    * * * * *

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