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Title: Maya: Initiate 39
Written by: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict (Mr. Ben)
Type: Novel
Genre: Family, juvenile, occult, romance, educational, inspirational

Title: Atheisaurus 1: Bjorn and Zorn
Written by: Cahill-Lloyd
Type: Novel
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Comedy

Title: Off the Beating Path
Written by: Danny Fisher
Type: Novel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Romance

Title: Getaway Day
Written by: Ken White
Type: Novel
Genre: Coming-of-Age, Fiction

Title: The Ka of Mathias Schinkel
Written by: H.E. Balinovsky
Type: Novel
Genre: Crime, Mystery

Title: The Roots of Evil
Written by: David E. Gates
Type: Novel
Genre: Horror

Title: REALMS and The Giant’s Spear
Written by: Maninder Singh and Vaspx
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy, Young-adult fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure.

Title: The Scent of My Son, In God we Trust.
Written by: Adrienne Miranda
Type: Novel
Genre: Crime, Drama, Family

Title: Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide
Written by: Carl David
Type: Novel
Genre: Family / Drama

Title: The Yellow Rose
Written by: Wesley Tallant
Type: Novel
Genre: Western

Title: Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper
Written by: Zangba Thomson
Type: Novel
Genre: Crime, Drama, Urban Fiction, Street Lit, and Urban Fantasy

Title: Power Rises: The Ways of Power Book 1 of 4
Written by: R.M. Willis
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy

Title: Love You To Death – A Psychological Thriller
Written by: Rita Ames
Type: Novel
Genre: Psychological Crime Thriller

Title: Teaching for What?
Written by: Michael J. Fusco
Type: Novel
Genre: Educator Biography, Real life drama

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