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AUGUST 2018 – Read the best of NEW NOVEL Story Pitches

Novel: TORN BETWEEN by Stacey Lynn Patterson

Novel: SPACE TANGENTS by Jerry L. Harvey Jr.

Novel: BROKEN STORY by Tj Evans

AUGUST 2018 – Read the best of NEW TV PILOT Screenplay Story Pitches

TV PILOT: Arianrhod by Phil Hollins

TV Show: PAX GRAVITATE by Paul R. Price

Web Series: Like Starting Over by Jon Eric Smith

Stage Play: Broken Silence: Life After the Rain by DuWanda S Epps, Sabrina Newton

TV PILOT: Squad by Louric Rankine

TV PILOT: The Syndicate by Peter Jang

TV PILOT: Desolated Truth by Thomas Casey

TV PILOT: World’s Finest by Kimberly Jade Soliman