The Pumpkin Beast. Poetry by Kathy Figueroa

Genre: Fear, Funny, Halloween*, October*

The Pumpkin Beast
by Kathy Figueroa

In the blackest hours of Halloween night
Stir creatures that moan and wail;
Such sounds can give a soul a fright
And cause your heart to fail!

But there’s one that makes the other bunch
Sound as innocent as a birdie’s chirp
When it goes CRUNCH, CRUNCH

“Oh, tell us, please, what is this beast?”
Hoarse, hushed whispers query,
“On what does this monster feast
And make noises that are so scary?”

Behold yon pumpkin, with an eerie face
Lit by a candle from within –
It’s to keep bad spirits from that place,
That’s why it has a hideous grin.

But people give nary a thought
That, inside, the pumpkin is being toasted…
The candle flame burns so hot
The pumpkin becomes roasted.

Certain epicureans of the quadruped kind
Esteem this squash “cuisine”
And, in abundance, it’s easy to find
On the night of Halloween.

There’s one with which I’m acquainted
That has a legendary appetite
And I nearly fainted
When I first saw the following sight:

Only scraps of rind lay on the floor –
The Pumpkin Beast had struck behind my back!!
…And he was still looking around for more
After his initial snack attack!

“El Perro Gordo de Paudash”
Is the name by which he’s now known
And he’ll choose pumpkin in a flash
Any day …instead of a bone!

    * * * * *

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