A Kinda Life, Poetry Reading by Denise Stephani

Watch the Poetry Reading of A KINDA LIFE:

Poem read by actress Val Cole

Get to know poet Denise Stephani:

1) What is the theme of your poem?

Girl Power / Gender Equality. Empathy with Malala and all women and girls who are victims of the Gender War.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I would like people to feel moved and inspired to initiate and support social change. I would like men who read it to be more open to hearing the female human’s stories and help to support and protect women and girls.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

Since a child as a weird sort-of survival mechanism, but more actively publishing since 2012. United Press London Recognition: Women Writers of the Year 2014 and Top Ten Writers for 2015

4) Do you have a favorite poet?

I love all poetry in the varied styles, but have drawn the most personal inspiration from Maya Angelou and her social activism through writing and poetry.

5) What influenced you to submit to WILDsound and have your poetry
performed by a professional actor?

Exposure and global recognition to help make a difference.

It is also good timing for an online event and promotion for the Eve Ensler One Billion Rising Campaign and the Malala film coming out. I have had a long affiliation with some of the amazing social action and reform work initiated in Canada. I have been a mentor and promoter of Free the Children (Canadians Craig and Mark Kielburger) since 2000 and started the first Chapters of this Nobel Peace Prize nominated organization first in South Africa and then Scotland.

6) Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

I have a number of books published as listed:
Books: ‘In the Wings’ – Trials and Transformation of the Alien Ballerina
Letters to Mandela (Awards New York and LA – Best Books USA)
‘Kidz Mandela’ on Kindle

Po’tree, Proze ‘n Pix

Here is a link to info on my website: http://www.denisestephani.com/Books.html
I am also a trained screenwriter and have entered a TV pilot and a comedy short film into the Wildsound competitions for October 2015

7) What is your passion in life?

Writing and Dance. Healing through the arts to help create a better world for future generations

    * * * * *

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

By WILDsound Festival

Submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month! Watch this month's winning readings. At least 15 performances a month: www.wildsoundfestival.com Submit your script, story, poem, or film to the festival today: www.wildsound.ca


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