Star Attraction, Poetry by Agata Zema

Genre: Romance, Rhyme

Star Attraction
by Agata Zema

The room I enter
Is full of people
Flushed from too much
Wine and laughter
Flirting, teasing, hoping
For more
Of their fantasies
To become
Here and now
A new beginning
A fling
Or maybe something
More substantial
Raising the stakes
Even commitment
Of sorts
Traditional or contemporary

A broken heart
Can be mended
An empty one
The capability
To feel and be felt
Heal and to soar
Rise above
Unruly encounters
Lack of connection
No chemistry relations

I slowly walk around the room
Circling from left to right
Keeping my head raised
With no eye contact
To start a cat fight
I get into a rhythm of being
Ok about being here
My first time and feel
A little guarded
Four times as many females
Than males
They all watch
I keep walking
Pretending I am confident
I am
In a way
I know for sure
That if I stop this
Pretend mingling
I will attract
A wall flower
And there goes the whole night
Wall flowers are like

I am drawn to a wonderful fragrance
It stirs me
Inspires me
Motivates me to
Scan the room
In hope she stands out
I look and look
Causing lots of unwanted attention
I am
On a
Search and seek
This wonderful person
Beautifully fragranced
To distract me
The freedom of being
There goes my
Ample head and heart space
She has gripped me so simply
So daringly unaware

The fragrance gets stronger
As I near the rear of the room
I dismiss the attentions from
Attractive women
Carefully dressed
And accessorised
To accentuate
Legs, long necks, flawless skin
D├ęcolletages, narrow limbs, small ears
Sparkling eyes, dark lashes, red lips
Painted toenails
Silky hair
Even tapering, long, delicate fingers
I noticed
As I begin to storm past the last
Mob of people
Hanging around the back door

That must be her
The fragrance is heady
I smile and say hello
To her
She turns to me
And looks for a moment
Maybe reading my mind
Or rewriting it
Well hello to you too
She replies

Her voice I forget
Almost immediately
Because in that instant
I notice
The creeping Jasmine
Tying love knots
All over the back veranda rails

I burst out
Walk out
Through the open door
The night

Let me guess
Your name is Miss Star Jasmine
What a truly unexpected surprise

    * * * * *

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