The Amazon In Seat 20C, Poetry by Jeremy Ruane

Genre: Lust

The Amazon In Seat 20C
by Jeremy Ruane

You look hither and yon
When you’re flying between
Airports in a foreign country.

But after the rigours
Of customs and flights,
There’s a need for some decent ‘eye candy’!

Most fellow passengers
Look just like you feel –
Bored, tired and resigned.

But once in a while,
You cast your eyes on
A babe who, frankly, blows your mind!

That experience awaited me
When making my way
To Toronto from Vancouver.

A stunning young beauty
Was boarding my plane.
Here’s hoping I’d sit somewhere near her.

The aircraft doors closed
And my heart skipped a beat –
The Good Lord was smiling on me.

For right across the aisle
From my seat in the plane
Was this Amazon, in seat 20C.

By God, she was hot.
Tanned, toned, fit and fine,
With shoulder-length, brown-coloured hair.

She could easily have passed
For Miss Canada,
Miss World and Miss Universe, I swear!

She ticked all the boxes
Where looks are concerned,
But in terms of personality and name

I haven’t the faintest!
I just know she’s dead sexy
And that I’ll never see her again.

An absolute stunner,
She’s a brainy one, too –
Uni notes were quite prominent in flight.

But when she sat back
And closed her eyes for a bit,
I knew that was my time to strike.

I know that it’s naughty
But I simply had to
Take a pic of this awesome hottie!

Out with the cellphone,
A quick point and shoot –
Cue a permanent memory

Of this heavenly vision
On my flight to Toronto
Sitting just across the aisle from me.

A goddess of gorgeousness.
Canada’s finest.
The Amazon in seat 20C.

    * * * * *

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