Mouth Me, Poetry by Wendy Norman

Genre: Beauty, Image, Rhyme

Mouth Me
by Wendy Norman

If you were a mouth nothing more nothing less
What thoughts and sentiments would you express
Watched closely you can see what it can be
A scarlet vermil tinctured gash swearing profanities
A pink rose bud singing words so pure and sweet
Luscious peach that makes you bow and weep
A yellow stained pot of putrid breath
With singhing puffs from wilted lungs left
Dripping red gloss leaving stains of pain
Pale nude dry rough as sand paper
Devoid of knowledge, love, life or caper
Lizard licking trickery devious intent
A whisker and lipstick so seriously bent
Flowing words of a canaries song
Or laced with ice to make them wrong
Wit and intellectual spiels from thin lines
Passions full lips tantalize and entwine
Toothless gobs of verborrhea
Perfection portrayed in a Model’s leer
Newborns purity precious unique
Virgin angelical a life to seek
Natural lips that outdo rose red
With morning dew of lovers fed
Our mouths tell a story you cannot hide
What is truly you trapped inside
Sentiments and emotions linger there
Constituting beauty
Mouth me I dare

    * * * * *

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