Read Audience Transcript from the short film OH MY OH AGAMI

  MOVIE POSTEROH MY OH AGAMI, 4min, Egypt, Documentary/Poetry
Directed by Hani R. Eskander

A visual poem depicting a life of an Agami resident who reminisces his childhood amidst the ongoing destruction and illegal construction.

OH MY OH AGAMI Played at the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival in January 2016. Here is the transcript of the audience feedback from the festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo.

Read interview with the director Hani R. Eskander

OH MY AGAMI – Audience Feedback

MT: “Oh My Agami”, the film from Egypt, a poetry film, anybody who has been to our festival in the past, we’ve shown a few poetry films. This has a certain feel to it, does anyone want to make the first comment?

Audience 1: I just thought it looked very beautiful, the black and white changing to color when he’s in current time. I liked that. It was subtle but it kept with the poetry I thought.

Audience 2: That film was my favorite of the night. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Just the flow of what he was saying, how it was rhyming a little bit and the lighting and music just came together so nicely. It was very calming and very moving. I loved it.

MT: Yeah it’s a poetic movie so you have a different kind of story and structure going on.

Audience 3: One of the things I thought was interesting was that it raised an interesting issue of illegal building and the theme of urban versus rural or nature is an issue that more people face everywhere. I think here in North America that idea of illegal building is more novel, so that was interesting because I would have never believed that to be an issue.

MT: Well it’s definitely got a social commentary to it, right?

Audience 4: I’ll add if I may that I find it interesting that you (Audience 2) find it so calming. I found it at most deceivingly calming at times but in actual fact very agitating. There was something disturbing about it that something was going to happen.

MT: I think the brother of the filmmaker is in attendance? There is the brother of the filmmaker. I think the filmmaker is in Egypt so the brother made it! The film is represented tonight by the brother.

Audience 5: When I watched the film I was actually thinking about the message it was trying to convey and most of us here see the city pushing out the suburbs and breaking down out here, right? It’s all skyscrapers slowly expanding outwards but he was talking about greenspace directly being destroyed and taken away to the point where he’s showing destruction of his childhood buildings. So you saw not just the greenspace but the places and memories he grew up with physically pulled away. It was a message of him moving on and the evolution of his childhood surroundings and I saw it as being about greenspace being taken away.

Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film

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