Read Audience Transcript of the Short Film VAMPIRAS

  MOVIE POSTERVAMPIRAS, 5min, USA, Fantasy/Comedy
Directed by Wesley Armstrong

This is the story of two woman trying to save a secret in the city of Los Angeles.

VAMPIRAS Played at the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival in January 2016. Here is the transcript of the audience feedback from the festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo.

Read interview with the screenwriter Bruna Rubio

VAMPIRAS – Audience Feedback

MT: “Vampiras”, the vampire fantasy with a little bit of comedy going on. Nothing wrong with those girls, we see a woman getting raped turn into a vampire we are going to root for the vampire! Any comments to make about “Vampiras”?

Audience 1: Of all of the movies we saw in the second half, this one is the one that I thought was most like a scissor reel or proof of concept for a series. I immediately thought “yeah, I’d like to see these crime-fighting vampires kill more rapists”, and I thought it had a lot of potential to have more weird crime-fighting people at night, kind of thing. I wanted to see more of it and I thought it had a lot of comic potential. I liked the characters immediately.

MT: It’s funny. It’s disturbingly funny in the end because she’s got him in the shower and he’s not dead yet but we get huge laughter from the crowd. So it’s interesting that we laugh at that.

Audience 2: I was just going to say that it kind of felt like a porno, like it was kind of shot in that style, so of all the films this is the one I was the least impressed with but I did see the comedy in it. But I don’t know it just seemed like a cheap, easy film or whatever. I don’t know if anyone else got that sense.

MT: I think that was done on purpose, that kind of “porno” lighting I guess, right? When you need lighting like that just go to the porno cinematographers and they can do that. Nobody else can do that except for them. But I understand what you’re saying.

Audience 3: It’s novel in that we don’t usually see female vampires. Vampires are always male in the movies we see so this was a nice twist that was different.

MT: We’re in the 21st century. In Star Wars we had a heroine as our main character. We are moving into the female power world. We might as well have Vampiras, right?

Audience 4: I agree with all the comments, but for me it was when this beautiful woman was walking alone in the dark street and suddenly she’s on the ground and helpless… It was such a relief, I love that moment when she turns into a vampire.

MT: Yeah of course! Because guys are douchebags, right? Sometimes some guys need to have vapires go after them, right?

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