Evaporate, Poetry by Tina Shields-Kerr

Genre: Cycle of Life

by Tina Shields-Kerr

Love…that’s where we start

Up there in the bright blue sky

Up there in the evening twilight

Up there in the Milky Way

Ah… but gravity…yes gravity

Gravity pulls…gravity drags

Down, down, down we go…like a raindrop

Dust sticking…dust tainting

The patient puddle waits

A foreboding lake…full of raindrops

Full of lost love, dust, and gravity

Ah…but the sun…yes the sun

The sun is loyal…the sun is warm

The sun comes back…the sun takes you home

Rise little raindrop…rise I say

Back to the sky…back to love…back to the warmth

Gravity…hah…what is that anyway?


    * * * * *

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