Ode to the Writer, Poetry by Siza Sibiya

GENRE: Inspirational

Ode to the Writer
by Siza Sibiya

Play you noted Lyricists!
Let not your lyrics be missed!
Your silence is the frequency,
Enticed by a laced melody
Condemned in a rhythmic spell
Only time will really tell
Your lyrical harmony
Etched in life’s symphony

Oh, Hail! Or Hale! Kings of speech!
May your words reign or rain on minds inpeach
Let knowledge rule as you teach
You are to blame for the popular fiction
And the lost hip hop depiction
Your vowel movement is the mission
As they are turning to wrong station

So arise oh sons of scribes!
Let not fame be your weakening bribes
The mystery is your story is still empty
But the words to be written are plenty
I plant thee in the soil of possibility
Growing history in eternity
Let the acclaimed awaiting your spark, put page to flame,
Illuminating the shame where fiction is no longer fame

Arise masters of word!
The creators of a new world.
Your potency is cryptic avalanche in dormant
To awaken minds with your content
With an earth shattering rumble you move earth with your stumble
Tripping all over yourself to cause a rampage and turn a page marked in history
That leads to the bread crumbs of destiny, displaying your self-mastery

Oh again rise blood line of prophets!
Be not sold out by profits.
Your words intertwine the future with the past
As ignorance over knowledge shall never be surpassed
So your prophecies can be for the youth’s benefits
And lost in the realm of the elder’s forfeit
While bleeding your ink work, flooding the stage
Flowing ears steadily from age to age

I say rage warrior of the Pens!
This is the age when ignorance ends.
As wielders of the pen die by the pen are heard
Cutting and stabbing the paper in furry blurred
Let those pens bleed till society flood
Cleansing it with its righteous blood
To awaken other giants from their slumber
Killing silence’s winter into summer
Where ignorance is not left to its own device
Only your golden silence should be an adequate price

    * * * * *

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