TV Pilot Pitch: RANGERS – Progenitors of Freedom, by Timothy Kestrel


ACTORTitle: RANGERS – Progenitors of Freedom

Written by: Timothy Kestrel


Genre: History, Thriller, Drama

Logline: After his attempts to escape from the American colonies fail, a young orphan woodsman Finn finds himself trapped in a remote frontier fort surrounded by troubled people with dark secrets during the French & Indian War.

Synopsis: Finn Morton, reminiscing from extreme old age, narrates his adventures as a young man in the early, gritty days of the fledgling country. His eyewitness account unfolds behind-the-scenes workings that shaped an empire in the making. His memories bring forth the depths of love, freedom, greed, and loyalty, and offers a rare vantage point of crucial times in this country’s coming of age. The stories are at once thrilling, illuminating, and heartbreaking.

In the 1750’s, an incident in the backwoods of America sets in motion a multi-year earth-shattering showdown between England and France. In America, the provincials in New France and New England find themselves in the middle of the real First World War. Because of this, people on both sides of the frontier face growing internal discord and strained relations with their respective motherlands across the ocean. Stuck in between the combatants, the mighty Iroquois Confederacy is divided over the white man’s war for what is rightfully their land.

Having fled his homeland and now living on a prayer in the dauntingly rough country, young Finn joins forces with a motley group of underdog friends. Their only chance of surviving against all odds is to team up with notorious Rogers Rangers. They go on operations in the great white north that stretch their limits above and beyond the call of duty.

To uphold British rule by any means necessary, the British bring in Hessian mercenaries to this melting pot world of America in a melting pot war with its native tribes, provincials, Acadians, British, Canadians, and French. Finn’s nemesis, a nefarious Hessian gun-for-hire Johan Kopf a.k.a. Totenkopf with his schizophrenically divided loyalties embarks on a mission of fear, jealousy, and hatred.

In his growing aversion to the horrors of war through his daring actions and enduring hardships with the Rangers, it is the inner battle that proves to be Finn’s harshest struggle. He attempts to quell the arrogant boy he once was to become the man – and potential loving husband and father – he hopes to be. On the home front, he strikes up a strong attraction with lately orphaned young frontier settler Catherina Brett. She finds herself shunned by the community for trying to find her own way.

Evocative use of historical figures and a large ensemble cast of characters square off in an epic struggle that provides an alternative point of view on historical events and people in a dramatic way. The grand scheme of the series is about re-evaluating the ethos of American Dream from the beginning.

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