For Creativity, Poetry Tofunmi Kupoluyi

Genre: Mentor, Relationship

For Creativity
Tofunmi Kupoluyi
See, I believe it’s only natural that I dedicate this to an individual who saw me through

An unthinkable miracle, this thing between me and you
Who knew that there could be a channel like Audiri to help share my views
All that’s new, even this story of how we grew?
And developed,
 I was once made to believe you only belonged to a select few
The gifted, the creatives, and sadly TK, that’s not you
So I approached you and said:
Hey my name is Tofunmi, and I’d love to write some poetry
I’m talentless but please believe that doing so will mean the world to me
And I have tried to honestly,
But the rhymes and I just don’t agree
And my apparent lack of harmony,
Has destroyed my chances to a great
See I decreed on New Years’ eve an improvement to my poetry
But till today I’m still plagued by this lack of flow and melody
It’s like TK has an allergy
But before they write his elegy, he’d love to be cured
So please creativity come to me
Yours sincerely Tofunmi.
Two weeks later you said hey.
I couldn’t believe you replied
Was left fantasizing about the many things ‘hey’ could imply
But I could only really cry by the time I read the rest of the reply
It read:
I’m not really sure who to address, TK or Tofunmi
But I guess as long as the address is right, it’d get to either one of thee
See I, creativity, belongs to anyone who desires me
The author, the poet, even those who don’t show me openly
I’m in a letter, a tweet and even in an obituary
See you’d be shocked to find I’m already inside of thee
 Oh Tofunmi, please don’t tell me that you can’t see
The beauty in those lines that you quite adeptly wrote for me
Young one, Your imperfection is perfected in your humility
So I must say a thank you for very humbly seeking me
But I believe that what you ask for is something you have already received
So here’s to you, from inside of you,



    * * * * *

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