MY KING, Poetry Nissi Odewumi

Genre – Hurt

MY KING – Nissi Odewumi


*Written from the point of view of an insecure friend*


You were my king,

I was your jester.

I was your today,

You were my forever.

You were my all,

I was your “something”.

I defended you,

When everyone rumored you were nothing,

I told them, you were something.

It’s so funny,

How you laughed at me,

When I wasn’t looking.

How you made a fool of me,

When my back was facing you.

But was I to believe those people who cautioned me against you,

And those your sweet little words,

That came out of your pretty little mouth.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

You told me I was your queen,

But deep down, I knew I was just one of your conquests.

It would have done me better, if you hadn’t got me emotionally invested.

If you had just told me straight up…

That I was just a joke to you.

I’m waiting for the day,

When you’d man up and tell me,

In reality,

That I was never important to you.

The day you’d stop being my King.

But till then;

I’d be the fool you’ve always seen me as,

And keep on believing in you.

My king.



    * * * * *

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