Gods Providence, Poetry by Lucille marais

Genre: Society, Rhyme

Gods Providence by Lucille marais

Thy providence upholdeth,
For not my will but thine,
not what we know
or know not,
We trust
in his infinite wisdom, devine.

For thy kingdom ruleth over it all,
The wicked cannot hide,
Thy governance and thy hand,
hath turneth every tide.

Fallen, far from fear,
where feet have trod to and fro,
In thy sovereign hand and power,
‘Tis the season, for all to know.

For thy spirit is moving swiftly,
Transforming every kind
Woe to us
Lest one,
Lest one,
is left behind.

Thy power hath taken precedence
No other kingdom come,
The sons of God arising
No work of thine,
left, undone.

Only righteousness for thy glory
Resilient army for thy work,
For outside of thy will and way,
I, shall see it not.