~Unforgiving~, Poetry by K.L. Porter

Genre: Dark, Angry, Hate.

~Unforgiving~ by K.L. Porter

Humbled forgiveness

Is of that which
thy cannot grant

For I do not posses
such ability of respect
to the type of creature
that I see in thee

Only god himself
or high end angels
close to the golden throne
may release such a gesture
from within thee

for such an effort
so great
may kill my being..
and for a child of
the witching damned
thy shalt not willingly
enter her fatality

I, a woman
of high morale
in contrast with
an illness
to which is unbalanced
slightly to the left
of sickness

Yet… I am more
humane than thee

Never seeing eye to eye

for this lady refuses
to stoop to such a distasteful level

where thee dwells and rots
in the slumber of life
fit for a rat such as thee




    * * * * *

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