Today’s TIFF Movie Reviews:

Today’s Toronto International Film Festival reviews:

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: UNLESS (Canada/Ireland 2016) ***

Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener and Hannah Gross star in this adaptation of the final novel by the late, great Canadian novelist Carol Shields, about a writer who discovers her runaway daughter panhandling on the street and seemingly deprived of speech.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: TRESPASS AGAINST US (UK 2016) ***1/2

Like the 2010 Australian film ANIMAL KINGDOM, also the name of the film’s production company, TRESPASS AGAINST US is a film about a dysfunctional crime family – British style. The family live in a trailer park in England a kind of white British trailer trash.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: TRAMPS (USA 2016)

Adam Leon’s low budget lonely hearts club romance has two newcomers Callum Turner and Grace Van Pattern play two unlikely pawns in a shady delivery deal.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM (UK 2016)

This crime whodunit period piece which combines theatre and grisly murders plays like a super violent Sherlock Holmes mystery. The Limehouse is the working class theatre where Little Lizzie (Olivia Cooke) performs.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (USA/Fr/Belg/Switz 2016) ***

Appropriately titled I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, this solemn documentary by Raoul Peck attempts to reveal that the ‘negro’ thought understood by most Americans is in fact a stereotyped misunderstood one The doc is based on the unfinished book by James Baldwin and looks at the impressions made by 3 murdered negroes – Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: DEATH IN SARAJEVO (Bosnia and Herzegovina /France 2016) ****

Another winner from director Danis Tanovic of NO MAN’S LAND. The setting is the financially troubled Hotel Europa where the camera skillfully moves in and out of the rooms and corridors.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: DAGUERROTYPE (LE SECRET DE LA CHAMBE NOIRE) (France/Belgium/Japan 2016)

Non French directors often do not translate well when making a French film. The latest casualty is Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosaw (TOKYO SONATA, CURE). His latest film is a ghost story, a genre that Kurosawa is already familiar with. He is blessed with some great French speaking talent including Tahir Rahim (UN PROPHET, UNE SEPARATION), Matthieu Amalric and Olivier Gourmet.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: THE COMMUNE (Denmark/Sweden/Netherlands 2016) ***

The latest from Thomas Vinterberg (CELEBRATION, THE HUNT) details what happens in a commune Communes were popular in the 70’s in Denmark, also the time when the film is set. Vintergberg does not judge the workability of a commune environment but shows both sides of its workings – both good and bad.

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