The Playground, Poetry by Phillip Rivers

Genre: Examination of our Society, Youth Culture, Dark, Reality,

The Playground by Phillip Rivers

old buildings, empty fields,
and those vacant haunted lots
we used to play games
now they’re moving different rocks
oxy pills, heroin,
get the molly from ‘Pops’
never met the biological
just old dude from the block
broken swings, broken glass,
shards at the bottom of the slide
dark urban metaphors
represent what they feel inside
skinny jeans, skinny teens,
hallowed out cheeks
zombie looking humans
fixing for the next treat
sunken eyes inside a skull
that once was filled with hope
the avenues they stroll
trigger mechanisms to cope
wasted Youth, squandered Dreams
children forced to be grown
how can they see the light
with no electric on at home
empty house, empty plates,
stomach rumbles provide the sound
with nowhere else to go
they seek out the playground


Twitter: thedailyPhilosophy (@philliprivers82)

Instagram: phillipalbertorivers (Grasp Your Reality)

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