August 2017 – Read best of NEW POETRY from around the world.

Read the best of new poets and their poetry for August 2017: 

I AM AFRAID, by Pam Lewis


I EDIT MY LIFE, by Michael Lee Johnson

GRAIN OF CHOICE, by Patrick Turner Lee

HEROIN, by Aylana St. Luce

SPELLBOOK, by Man of Action.




AFTER THE END, by Samantha K. Collinson

APEX, by David Samuel Neuer

FEEL WITH YOUR HEART, by Chasity McClellan


AT NIGHT I PRAY, by Fabrian Christopher

BLOODSTREAM, by Chrystal Jumonville


April 2017 – Read the best of POEMS from around the world

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BOAMORTE, by Juan Antonio Garcia
Boamorte, Poetry by Juan Antonio García

IMPERATIVES, by Divina Sobrepena
Imperatives, Poetry by Divina Sobrepeña

HALF PINTS, by Edward Michaels
Half pint’s, Poetry by Edward Michaels

AFTER THE WAR, by Miriam Beza

LEGENDARY, by Clara Pohlam

SOUL FORSAKEN, by M. Arundel
Soul Forsaken, Poetry by M. Arundel

BIG FAMILY, by Caiubi Maranho
Big Family, Poetry by Caiubi Maranho

The Song of the Sword, Poetry by B R Peabody

Both Sides Of The Fence, Poetry by Latonia Sears

TERMINATORS, by David E. Gates
Terminators, Poetry by David Gates

I AM FROM THE 20TH CENTURY, by Miriam Beza
I AM FROM THE 20 CENTURY, Poetry by Miriam Beza

DISEASE S U, by Darrell Herbert
Disease S.U. , Poetry by Darrell Herbert

I DID IT ALL FOR YOU, by James Stordy
I did it all for you, Poetry by James Stordy

ADIEU MY SWEET, by Dr. Pan Gabrielides
Adieu my sweet…, Poetry by Dr. Pan Gabrielides

The Street I Lived, Poetry by Chey Laine

 Genre: Life, Society, Dark, True Story, People

In the brilliance of the night
screaming believers rage the streets of plenty
looking for holes in hope
needles and thread they carry in the plenty
band aids won’t help here ~ friends
there’s more than enough of the ill and the lost to live on
and here with the wheelers and dealers
the screaming believers and do gooders’ and not so good at doing much
Is someones little taste of paradise
thats all gone to shit

Down here with the lost and ill chills
There’s a taste for lost souls
Where the angels fly close to the ground
many a feather seen found
being worn in one of the lost crowns
For they are all Kings and Queens here

From times of once before and could have been and dreams
Yes dreams ~ There are dreamers here
those that will forever be lost in a dream
Mostly its nightmares and fallen frowns
that now blanket over once upon a time smiles

Here the smudged out blackbird eyes wear misery
thats been stubbed out like a coal butt
burnt down to its filter
to suck up the grease and shit off the street

Such is the movements of notes here
Conducted by the skinned boned pimps
that smile with croc teeth
hungry for fresh meat

Here is my street
here is where I was found
in the lost and found
here is where I lived my youth
taken by the smile of croc teeth
here is the place where I dreamed of escape
and lived nightmares
here is the place I will sometimes return
to remind me
life is priceless
come true
to get out
mine came with a price

Loss of life
the sentence
to carry for the term of my life

By @beezknez aka beezlaine on Twitter
Kind Regards Chey Laine off Twitter :))



    * * * * *

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I am just in case, Poetry by Callie Kamanitz

 Genre: Personality

I am a cat lover
A brunette covered
Head with bright and shiny thoughts.
I am an older sister
I am a never misser
Until I do.
I am a giver
From a mom who shivers
For me so I don’t have to worry
But I do anyways.
I am attention seeking
Pretending that peeking
From behind the curtains makes me nervous
Because I think it should.
I am an open book
But only when you look
To take off the dust cover.
I like to hide
But more to seek
Because hiding results in loss
And you can only win when searching.
I am searching abroad
For the endless applause
That I pretend means nothing
Because it should
But it means everything to me.
I am a baker, not a cook
Hidden far into the nook
Of unfinished projects bluffing perfection
Because unfinished is just an
F in the end.
I am just a mess
Who happens to be best dressed
For the label of success
I am a pretender
Who can only begin
When the curtains close
And the performance really starts.
I am a redeemer
From coupon codes to
Emotions wrapped within
The chains of a murderer.
I am innocence
Born from maturity
Unknown to most
Known well to few
Fully to none.
I am exploring the uncharted
As long as the uncharted is understood.
I am taking risks
As long as the risks are safe.
I am a contradiction
Wrapped up in a neat little bow
With so many atoms moving at once
No one can tell they are moving at all.
I am selfless
And not magnanimous
I am priceless
And not worth it
I am the whispers in the morning
And the screams in the night.
They both say the same thing.
The windows brings the whispers
The steam brings the screams.
They both say the same thing.
Bolstered by the cacophony of
Mellow melodies
Picked just for me- how fitting
That I choose to break.
For most, breaking is the event, mending is the choice
I choose to break and mending is a concert full of
People and interaction and light
That I put off and wait to be invited to
But my friends aren’t interested in that band
And I don’t care enough to seem them live.
I am the earth
Impacted by the storm, wind, fire
But not by the earthquakes
Because I made them and I know they
Can’t do too much
Even if they can.
I am a yearbook
Opened when someone gets lonely
And reminisces about how good it was
And how much they miss it
I am the hour hand on a clock
Often mistaken for the famous minute
Only noticed when someone wastes time
But always around just in case.
I am the fire extinguisher in an ocean
I am the band-aid in an operating room
I am the just in case never needed.



    * * * * *

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PART 2: January 2017 – Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world

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MAGNET EFFECT, by Jellian Nacalaban

GESTURES, by Tuoyo Palmer

MISSING HOME, by Anyasi Ray

DREAM, by Mary Freericks

A JUMBLED UP MESS, by Krystle Nicole Martin

DEATH BOUTIQUE, by Lionel Walfish

THE ROSE, by Psizan

IN MEMORY OF 2016, by Felicia L. Smith

THE SECOND CUP, by Michael Westcombe

I AM LOVES FOOL, by Aleck Miranda


GANESH OR DUMBO, by Damian Corcoran

BROKEN, by Austin Thomas

MR. FACADE, by Esther Oyebode

I’M NO POET, by Kuhle Sikota

BETTING, by Agbaakin O. Jeremiah

FIDDLERS NECK, by Stacey Lynn Patterson

December 2016 – Read the best of NEW POETRY from around the world

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Read the best of new poetry from poets from around the world:

LADY MARIE, by Matthias Pantaleon

CHEES PIECE, by Irene Mahanyu

THE FACE OF GOD, by Deborah Johnson
The Face of God, Poetry by Deborah Johnson

THE JOURNEY HOME, by Tyson Cantrell
The Journey Home, Poetry by Tyson Cantrell

IT IS I, by Daniel Franco
It Is I, Poetry by Daniel Franco

STILL THOUGHTS, by Jade Cecilia Macauley
Still Thoughts, Poetry by Jade Cecilia Macauley

GONE, by Heather Bryant
Gone, Poetry by Heather Bryant

WHY, by David Mayall
Why?, Poetry by David Mayall

Satan and his forbidden island, Poetry by Aziz Alkaabi

A BALEFUL BANISHMENT, by Sujoy Bhattacharya
A baleful banishment, Poetry by Sujoy Bhattacharya

THE VOICE, by Tabitha Ashley
The Voice, Poetry by Tabith’Ashley

The Sempiternal Sapphire, Poetry by Sohinee Dey

THE BATTLE, by Glen Hill
The Battle, Poetry by Glen Hill

Chess Piece, Poetry by Irene Mahanyu

 Genre: Betrayal


You play your game
And you call it fair
we’re basically hanging from chains
And all you do is stare?
you always seem to turn out as the victor
And you have it no other way

We stand In the image of chess pieces with every move you’ve already planned ahead
standing on your black and white board just waiting to be picked up again
Who’s to know whom you pick up next

You made us believe you were someone else
Someone special, someone true
We grew fond of you and you did to
Yet you chose to betray us and barely left us clues
But now you’ve finally revealed what’s true
With no warning we were left wondering what to do
Throw you away?
Play along?
All these questions of what to do!

The way you made us all look like fools
You left us running around in circles one after another
But you obviously made yourself the master
Is that what we always were to you?
Just some kids you could push around
Controlled us step by step each move thought of with grave detail afraid you’d slip up

The way you acted was so honest to the point that it was almost right
You played the part that you knew we would believe
The one that we could not catch out on
There was just no thoughts of it being you
No it was never you
Except it was..
One minor slip up
One mistake is all it took to turn your love into hate

Your game of riddles that you found entertaining is about to get a whole new twist
this time we’re in control
We’re the masters
With no one by your side
You’ll be left to do nothing but hide
So now a chess piece
Let’s just see how this plays out


    * * * * *

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