Watch all the Videos from the Oct. 2016 ACTION/CRIME Film Festival

Highlights from the Thursday October 20, 2016 event.

The October 2016 ACTION/CRIME Festival was a major success. The sold out crowd loved every single film.

The theme of the festival was “Remember the Red Herring”.

In these genres (action, crime, mystery) especially, the “red herring” element always appears, like they did in all the movies presented this month. The audience thinks it’s one thing who is doing bad, but it is never is the case.

Definition of a Red Herring: Something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting in a novel, TV episode, story, or movie.

All 6 films this month were standouts as every movie received multiple votes for “Best Film,” and 4 out of the 6 films received an award. That never happens at our festival as usually there is 1-2 films that receive all of the votes and win all of the awards.

To open the festival this month, I spoke to the audience about how these genres (Action/Crime) don’t garner enough attention in the short film market. How all of the films we’re presenting tonight don’t get a fair shake at festivals around the world because festivals don’t know how to program them. And it’s too bad because all six of these films deserve to be shown at every single festival in the world today. They are all that great and the audience at the festival agrees.

Click the posters, learn about the films, and watch the Audience Feedback Videos.

– Matthew Toffolo

Take a look at the Audience Feedback Videos from our NEW Film Festival. Some of the best short films in the world today were showcased.


Best Film: BARROW

Best Performances: THE TRAP

Best Cinematography: MOTEL MOTEL

Best Music: The music from BLACKWELL SUMMERS MYSTERY

festival posterMOTEL MOTEL, 20min., Belgium, Crime/Mystery
festival posterTHE APOLOGY, 7min, UK, Mystery/Crime
festival posterTENGU: BIRDMAN OF THE MOUNTAINS, 8min., UK, Action/Fantasy
festival posterBARROW, 15min., Australia, Crime/Mystery
festival posterBLACKWELL SUMMERS MYSTERY, 12min., USA, Action/Crime
festival posterTHE TRAP, 16min, Canada, Crime/Thriller

By WILDsound Festival

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