I Fell for Him, Poetry by Rana Cocklin

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Inspirational

I Fell for Him
by Rana Cocklin

I knew we would be friends from the first glance
An instant connection when we first met
I thought we would be cool
But I quickly fell for him
And he also made it known
that he was feeling me

Like I just said
I was feeling him
Oh what I meant to say was
I fell for him
See he had my
Train of thought all twisted
“He got me up all night,
always singing these love songs”
I mean these lust songs
I mean these drug songs
When you think you’re in love,
It’s a incredible high to get on

Until it wears off
And you face reality
When I was in love with him
He wasn’t in love with me

Daydreams deferred
Dried up like a
raisin in the sun
A shattered heart
No amount of iron

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