I Fell for Him, Poetry by Rana Cocklin

Genre: Inspirational

I Fell for Him
by Rana Cocklin

I knew we would be friends from the first glance
An instant connection when we first met
I thought we would be cool
But I quickly fell for him
And he also made it known
that he was feeling me

Like I just said
I was feeling him
Oh what I meant to say was
I fell for him
See he had my
Train of thought all twisted
“He got me up all night,
always singing these love songs”
I mean these lust songs
I mean these drug songs
When you think you’re in love,
It’s a incredible high to get on

Until it wears off
And you face reality
When I was in love with him
He wasn’t in love with me

Daydreams deferred
Dried up like a
raisin in the sun
A shattered heart
No amount of iron
That pumps blood
into my arteries
Could fix the tremendous
Pain that weakened me

But I looked to the hills
From whence comes my help
His Blood cleansed my sin
His stripes healed my hurt
The One who never left me
The One who never forsake me
The One Whose Grace and Mercy
Endures eternally
Thanks be to Jesus
For His unfailing love
His unspeakable joy
His indescribable peace
His power transformed
This hopeless romantic
To a child that’s hopeful
If it’s in His will and
In His time
A man God has for me
Will love me for me

But today I will
Live for His Glory
A life in abundance
Always in His presence

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