Every Moment, Poetry by Shannon Lee Rohn

 Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

“I’ll never cover the beauty of the written word by being cosmetic,
Only to reveal the inner beauty from within the word by being poetic.” -S.Rohn

~Every Moment~

Sometimes we set ourselves back,
Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,
Everyday we struggle to find our way back.
The pain is buried so deep,
That a smile on our face is hard to keep,
Yet another battle on our own we have to defeat.
Why is the glory of the finish line so hard to reach?
When we find that our mistakes often repeat,
A lesson for our children should not be hard to teach,
Spots and area’s of our life and past are faded like bleach.
How do we keep coming back when we fall so hard?
The important moments in our life we often discard.
We worry so much what other people think,
And let worry conquer, in turn making us weak,
Sometimes we are drained by emotions and
not strong enough to speak,
We have no control, or power over someone else’s thoughts,
how they feel or what they choose to see,
But our gratitude to be who we are created to be.
Why is it someone else’s life we often forseek?
When all we really need is to look inside of what
makes our own heart beat.
Besides who ever said ‘life is a one way street?’
As long as we learn that our mistakes are not meant to repeat. 

Grab a hold of your seat,…
Life will pass us bye without a blink,
And the pages of our lives be written without ink.

Sometimes we set ourselves back,
Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,
Everyday we struggle to find our way back.
Have we not realized the reason we are here?
Not everyone is hidden behind what they appear.
We walk this earth and struggle to bring it all back,
Open your eyes and see that you’re not lost, just a little off track.

Will your kids still love you the same,
When your mistakes are covered and sprinkled with shame?
Why would you deny any mistake, if every moment has its place?
If the greatest memory of your life was taken from you because
of one given mistake….
You’d take it all back with every breath you take.

There is a reason for every moment, and its effect on our soul.
But will you embrace it or will you let it go?
Notice every memory as if time stood still,
Imagine every moment already lost, and never
again have the chance to feel. 

I will smile more tomorrow because I know that I tried,
It’s worth the struggle when you finally reach the top of mountain high.
So before you decide to hate the the struggle….remember
It’s the struggle that put you on track,
Life’s greatest gift, is the journey on how we find our way back.

Every moment given, is every memory taken,
Given to us for a deal never worth breakin’,
The cycle of the struggle is what makes us strong,
To finally find our spot in life and where we belong,
Without setting ourselves back and doing it all wrong.
Not to repeat the mistakes of our past,
Just breathe and inhale every moment …. as if it’s our last.



    * * * * *

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