Inertia (Lightning Rod), Poetry by James R Adams II

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship, Society

Motionless as I arise
Controlled and yet carried away
Lukewarm I’m caught up in the fray
Which language shall I speak today?

I’m not quite sure what meets the eye
Kindly be my alibi
And dwell on love
Or things that I despise?

Shallow Truths or Swells of Lies?
We’ll plunge out as the waves arrive
We’ll breathe in deep and close our eyes
As waters spiral to the skies.

Does anything I say make sense?
Is logic lost in language dense?
I watch my thoughts and say
That they aren’t me.

And to myself the thoughts reply;
A mirrored house of lies.
Loud voices pose as me
In deep disguise.

And all the while the vortex spins
And all the while the tides pull out
Conducive waters fill my mouth
A bolt strikes down the waterspout.

Motionless and unaffected
On new shores and disinfected
Dive beneath the Breaks or else
She’ll spit you back upon yourself.

    * * * * *

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