Submit via FilmFreeway: The Monthly Festival for Drama

Entering its exciting 2nd year, the Festival for Drama is a showcase of the best of NEW writers from around the world. We perform the winning works using some of the most talented acting professionals in the world today.

What we make sure for and foremost is that all submissions receive full feedback from industry professionals on their work.

Read recent testimonials from submitted screenwriters:
Screenplay Testimonials

Transcript: There’s nothing like it — an absolutely nurturing process, with the absolute best written feedback of any contest, immediate on-line access to table reads of dozens of fine scripts, and the thrill of seeing a screenplay so dear to me come to life thtrough the voices of professional actors.
– Danny M. Howell, THE PAPER ROUTE

Submit via FilmFreeway:

Awards & Prizes

Submissions take 3-5 weeks for evaluation. Looking for screenplays from all over the world.

Watch recent screenplays performed by professional actors:

Rules & Terms

Submit a screenplay in the proper format. Accept shorts, TV Pilots/Spec, feature screenplays.

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