Fan Fiction Best Scene -Therese by Heidi Scott (Sequel to the 2015 movie Carol)

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Watch the December 2016 FAN FICTION Screenplay Winner.

Best Scene from the screenplay THERESE (Sequel to 2015 Film CAROL) Screenplay
Written by Heidi Scott


NARRATOR – Gabriel Darku
CAROL – Kiran Friesen
Kelly Daly


Genre: Drama, Romance

The story takes place 5 years later in 1958, when their relationship has had time to ripen and gain complexity within the homophobic era. They have to be closeted, so their public and professional lives are discontinuous with who they are with each other. This causes high stakes, tension, and great potential for drama and character development.

What is your screenplay about?

THERESE is a sequel to the film and book Carol, which came out in 2015. The film ends with such raw possibility, and yet so many challenges for Carol and Therese, that the idea of extending it wouldn’t leave me alone.

I take up their story 5 years…

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