Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2016

To start the year off right, we went back and looked at our top Instagram posts and pictures from 2016.

Here they are. Something for everyone:

Interview with Production Designer Beth Mickle (Drive, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) I was fortunate to get an interview with the very talented and very busy Production Designer Beth Mickle. She is currently in the middle of production on the highly anticipated film “Collateral Beauty”. We talked about that film and much more in our chat together. #PHOTO: Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes & Christina Hendricks on set in “Lost River” #interview #matthewtoffolo #christinahendricks #evamendes #ryangosling #productiondesigner #artdirector #filmmaking #movies #makingamovie #bethmickle #drivemovie #wft #whiskeytangofoxtrot

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#photo on set of the short film Jack is Pretty Playing at the best of #shortfilm #festival tonight at the #mltcarlton #cinemas in downtown #TORONTO. 7pm JACK IS PRETTY, 26min, USA, Fantasy/Family Directed by Jarek Zabczynski Amid the chaos and instability of growing up with neglectful parents, and enduring the taunting of a bully, a little girl strikes out on her own to find order, happiness, and an understanding of the world around her. As the dangers surrounding her come closing in, her world brightens when she finds the solace of friendship and love with an old, discarded Jack In The Box. #freeevents #torontofilmfestival #torontoevents #shortfilmfestival #wildsoundfestivalreview #wildsoundfestival

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