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Top 5 Instagram Posts of 2016

To start the year off right, we went back and looked at our top Instagram posts and pictures from 2016.

Here they are. Something for everyone:

Interview with Production Designer Beth Mickle (Drive, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) http://matthewtoffolo.com/2016/03/19/interview-with-production-designer-beth-mickle-drive-whiskey-tango-foxtrot/ I was fortunate to get an interview with the very talented and very busy Production Designer Beth Mickle. She is currently in the middle of production on the highly anticipated film “Collateral Beauty”. We talked about that film and much more in our chat together. #PHOTO: Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes & Christina Hendricks on set in “Lost River” #interview #matthewtoffolo #christinahendricks #evamendes #ryangosling #productiondesigner #artdirector #filmmaking #movies #makingamovie #bethmickle #drivemovie #wft #whiskeytangofoxtrot

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#photo on set of the short film Jack is Pretty Playing at the best of #shortfilm #festival tonight at the #mltcarlton #cinemas in downtown #TORONTO. 7pm JACK IS PRETTY, 26min, USA, Fantasy/Family Directed by Jarek Zabczynski Amid the chaos and instability of growing up with neglectful parents, and enduring the taunting of a bully, a little girl strikes out on her own to find order, happiness, and an understanding of the world around her. As the dangers surrounding her come closing in, her world brightens when she finds the solace of friendship and love with an old, discarded Jack In The Box. #freeevents #torontofilmfestival #torontoevents #shortfilmfestival #wildsoundfestivalreview #wildsoundfestival

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Best of this week’s Instagram Photos and Videos:




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This week’s best of Instagram posts:

RSVP for the Thursday Oct. 27 2016 Film Festival – 7pm to 9pm – Best of HORROR Short Film Festival. Get your FREE tickets today. Go to www.wildsound.ca #shortfilm playing at #festival : GILT, 22min, UK, Directed by Julian Stevens Searching for a legendary hoard of gold coins, a man is goaded to unearth the darkness buried within. Director Statement: With GILT we set out to create a filmic space from the landscape that would reflect Paige's internal phycological state. A #supernatural menace is hinted at, but never made explicit. We wanted to embrace the uncanny, the #dreamy, and a sense of foreboding. I was interesting in exploring shifting perspectives, wrong footing the viewer with reveals, hidden pasts, and secret bestial inner natures. Audiences will see nods to Nick Roeg in the time jumps, and oblique story-telling, and early Polanski in the intense visualisations of disjointed inner worlds, along with other stylised, psychological, surreal films of the 1970s. Anna Bogacz atmospheric photography makes use of soft, rich images and primary colours, and Chris Kemsley's haunting, off-key score contributes to this distinctive, immersive world. GILT features a characterful, menacing performance from Tim Bentinck (David Archer in Radio 4s' The Archers, and numerous TV and film appearances), and a blistering, emotional intensity from new-comer Christopher Hughes. Film Type:Short Genres:drama, thriller Runtime:22 minutes Completion Date:January 1, 2016 Production Budget:3,000 GBP Country of Origin:United Kingdom Country of Filming:United Kingdom Film Language:English Shooting Format:Digital Aspect Ratio:16:9 Film Color:Color #torontohorror #movieposter #torontoevents #torontolife #freeevents #wildsound #wildsoundfestival #horror

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October 2016: See the best of INSTAGRAM Pics

RSVP for the Thursday Oct. 20, 2016 Film Festival – 7pm to 9pm – Best of ACTION/CRIME Short Film Festival. Get your FREE tickets today. Go to www.wildsound.ca #movieposter #photo Playing at the #shortfilm #festival MOTEL MOTEL, 20min., Belgium, #Crime/#Mystery Directed by Ellen J. Babeliowsky When Hjalmar inspects his room in an old, worn-out motel, he discovers a severed ear in the deep-pile carpet. During his search for the origin of the ear, he stumbles from one strange ocurrence into the next. The mystery of the ear ultimately gets him into a surreal situation, of which he is both the victim and the spectator. #wildsound #wildsoundfestivalreview #freeevents #torontolife #torontoevents #torontofilmfestival

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September 2016 – Best of Instagram Film Festival PICS

RSVP for the Thursday Sept. 22, 2016 Film Festival – 7pm to 9pm – Best of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Film Festival. Get your FREE tickets today at www.wildsound.ca #photo of the #shortfilm : DARKNESS FALLS, 15min, Sweden, Sci-Fi/Thriller Directed by Jarno Vinsencius Melissa suffers from amnesia. When she slowly regains her memory, the world isn't what it supposed to be. Darkness Falls is the winner of best Sci-Fi Picture award at OutlantaCon Short Film Festival 2016 and nominated for best Sci-Fi picture at SCI-ON! Film Festival 2016. Darkness Falls is also the winner of Best Cinematography at Roswell Film Festival 2016. #Sweden #wildsoundfestivalreview #torontoevents #torontofilmfestival #freeevents #darknessfalls #scfi #fantasy

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Best of Instagram Photos from the Film & Writing Festival

Best of Instagram Posts for this week:

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