I am just in case, Poetry by Callie Kamanitz

 Genre: Personality

I am a cat lover
A brunette covered
Head with bright and shiny thoughts.
I am an older sister
I am a never misser
Until I do.
I am a giver
From a mom who shivers
For me so I don’t have to worry
But I do anyways.
I am attention seeking
Pretending that peeking
From behind the curtains makes me nervous
Because I think it should.
I am an open book
But only when you look
To take off the dust cover.
I like to hide
But more to seek
Because hiding results in loss
And you can only win when searching.
I am searching abroad
For the endless applause
That I pretend means nothing
Because it should
But it means everything to me.
I am a baker, not a cook
Hidden far into the nook
Of unfinished projects bluffing perfection
Because unfinished is just an
F in the end.
I am just a mess
Who happens to be best dressed
For the label of success
I am a pretender
Who can only begin
When the curtains close
And the performance really starts.
I am a redeemer
From coupon codes to
Emotions wrapped within
The chains of a murderer.
I am innocence
Born from maturity
Unknown to most
Known well to few
Fully to none.
I am exploring the uncharted
As long as the uncharted is understood.
I am taking risks
As long as the risks are safe.
I am a contradiction
Wrapped up in a neat little bow
With so many atoms moving at once
No one can tell they are moving at all.
I am selfless
And not magnanimous
I am priceless
And not worth it
I am the whispers in the morning
And the screams in the night.
They both say the same thing.
The windows brings the whispers
The steam brings the screams.
They both say the same thing.
Bolstered by the cacophony of
Mellow melodies
Picked just for me- how fitting
That I choose to break.
For most, breaking is the event, mending is the choice
I choose to break and mending is a concert full of
People and interaction and light
That I put off and wait to be invited to
But my friends aren’t interested in that band
And I don’t care enough to seem them live.
I am the earth
Impacted by the storm, wind, fire
But not by the earthquakes
Because I made them and I know they
Can’t do too much
Even if they can.
I am a yearbook
Opened when someone gets lonely
And reminisces about how good it was
And how much they miss it
I am the hour hand on a clock
Often mistaken for the famous minute
Only noticed when someone wastes time
But always around just in case.
I am the fire extinguisher in an ocean
I am the band-aid in an operating room
I am the just in case never needed.



    * * * * *

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