Happy Birthday: Dane Cook

Dane Cook.jpgDane Cook

Born: March 18, 1972 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

(2011) There was a moment with a heckler where – I haven’t thought about this in so long – I think I was having such a strong performance that night that this guy’s date was attracted to my powerful energy – me being the guy performing. Maybe in this guy’s life, he was that powerful guy. Anyway, he shouted some shit at me. We had a little toe-to-toe and what I ended up doing is breaking down to this guy’s date why she shouldn’t be with a man like this. It was surgical the way I was going in and asking her questions and getting truth out of her. By the end of the show, they had stormed off angrily. Then two days later, I got an e-mail from her asking me out to dinner…She wrote, “I don’t want to be with a guy who’s like that.” So many truths had come to the surface just from what I – I learned that when you really get that eye contact with somebody and you’re on stage, you can pull the truth out of someone. Just like Howard Stern does on the radio. He pulls the truth out of his listeners before they even realize it. I kind of learned those tricks and how to get into audience members’ souls a little. I’d have therapeutic moments like that which would lead to somewhat life-altering moments. Sometimes they are minuscule but in this case, it led to the end of a relationship. He was a douchebag and maybe his date didn’t realize it until he behaved in that manner. I just brought it all out of him.



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