Happy Birthday: Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones.jpgShirley Jones

Born: March 31, 1934 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, USA

Married to:
Marty Ingels (13 November 1977 – 21 October 2015) (his death)
Jack Cassidy (6 August 1956 – 26 May 1975) (divorced) (3 children)

[Of James Garner]: Not only was he a great actor, but he didn’t hit on me. He didn’t have that reputation, like a lot of actors I worked with. He was very married, a family man. And a real straight-on guy.

[on the death of James Garner]: I see this gorgeous man and I said, ‘Oh, my!’
He was very sweet. We went to this little restaurant and I told him, ‘You’re gonna be a giant star.’ He said, ‘How? I’m not sure I know how to act.’

[Discussing about David Cassidy’s lack of contact with her real-life family]: David has not had a relationship with anyone in the family for years. We are sick over it.

[Who was concerned about David Cassidy’s alcoholic behavior/legal battles]: We are just scared to death that we are going to wake up one morning and find out that he is dead on the floor.



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