Get to know the short film: BENDED BONDS, 6min, Belgium, Drama

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Playing at the Thursday April 20, 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

BENDED BONDS, 6min, Belgium, Drama
Directed by Julie Janssens

Sarah and Jane, two sisters, haven’t spoken to each other for years. The death of their mother forces them to come together to make the arrangements for their legacy. Their painful memories and resentments crawl back to the surface.

Director Statement

The challenge of the movie was to communicate the paradox and complexity of siblings relationships through dialogs, silences and gazes. From an outside perspective, these tensions may seem ridiculously intense and dramatic. Sarah and Jeanne have a hard time understanding each other. They are trying to get away from some patterns transmitted by generational legacy. They claim who they are but they struggle to move through the perception of the family they grew up with.

What particularly concerns me is the unconditional love we share with our…

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