Get to know the short film: RIGHT HERE OR OVER THERE, 16min, France, Drama

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Playing at the Thursday April 20, 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

RIGHT HERE OR OVER THERE, 16min, France, Drama
Directed by Mabille Pauline

After several years, young Lily finally returns home. However, her parents seem to be quite indifferent to the arrival of their daughter. What has happened? Stuck between a father who is haunted by his memories and a mother who is torn apart, Lily is looking for redemption. Will she attain it?

Director Statement

Right Here or Over There is my first short movie as scriptwriter and director. I am totally self-taught and it hasn’t been simple. This short was a huge challenge for me. There are mistakes but i learn of it and I will make better in my next projects.

Project Title (Original Language):Ici ou La-bas

Film Type:Short

Runtime:16 minutes 28 seconds

Completion Date:October 1, 2015

Production Budget:10,000 EUR

Country of Origin:France

Country of…

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