Get to know the short film: LE BELLE FOLIE, 14min, UK, Comedy

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Playing at the Thursday April 20, 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

LE BELLE FOLIE, 14min, UK, Comedy
Directed by Ruth Pickett

A comedy about a desperate actress who attempts to make a black-and-white french language film, in order to convince her agent that she’s good enough at french to put her up for an audition. She ropes in her dad, her best friend, and her dad’s friend Mr Harris. It doesn’t go well.

Director Statement

I am passionate about creating visually compelling comedies, and with ‘La Belle Folie’ I wanted to create something which was visually bold and imaginative, as well as being hilarious.

The notion of having the protagonist’s brother as the cameraman allowed us to experiment with a playful style in which the camera has its own personality – part mockumentary, part pseudo-french cinema. It is beautifully shot but is simultaneously a little shaky and quirky…

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