Get to know the short film: UNBIND, 5min, Australia, Dance/Experimental

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Playing at the Thursday April 20, 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

  MOVIE POSTERUNBIND, 5min, Australia, Dance/Experimental
Directed by Mathilde Neau

Jim is a man of great stature, imposing man, muscular, wild. His presence fills the room. The sound of his body, his breath fills the space. We feel his anxiety and discomfort. A challenge to confront.

Director Statement

The essence of this film, is build on the idea of achieving through accompaniment and sharing. The exchange of ideas and the mix of two conceptions are more exalting and constructive than on your own. Life worth being lived with others. It is about finding an answer to a problem by asking for help, or accepting the other to help you.

The want for Unbind was to erase all kind of distracting elements that usual way of communication implies. Here, the body language is a strong expression, through the presence of…

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