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I think all of us have a little nerd in us. Maybe that’s why nerds have done so well on the movie screen. Throughout the years filmmakers have given us a great variety of nerds and/or geeks in a wide range of films. They have been lovable losers, saviors for superspies, and seekers of revenge on a college campus. So this week I’m giving nerds and geeks their due. I’m looking at five phenomenal movie nerds or geeks that make their film all the more better. Now I am fully aware of the fact that there have been many nerds throughout movie history so I would be foolish to call this the definitive list. Still, there is no denying that these five movie geeks are simply phenomenal.

#5 – EGON SPENGLER (“Ghostbusters”)


Anyone who grew up in or is familiar with the 1980s knows all about “Ghostbusters”. It was a…

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