CMBA Blogathon: A Passion for Laurel & Hardy

Silver Screenings

Oliver Hardy (left) and Stan Laurel .... Image: alsdfjk asTwo of our favourite scamps, Oliver Hardy (left) and Stan Laurel. Image:

During our angst-ridden teen years, which were complete with thick brown glasses and imaginary social life, we discovered Laurel and Hardy.

We had seen classic films before, but didn’t realize how seemingly free-wheeling and fun these films could be. Laurel and Hardy showed us something new: filmmakers in the silent era were clever and witty, and didn’t need spoken dialogue to make great movies.

Our discovering Laurel and Hardy is a long story, so if you’d like to skip the next two paragraphs, we understand.

When we were growing up, Sunday mornings at our house were nothing but tumultuous. There were five children in our family, all of whom had to be washed, fed and packed into the car so we could go to Mass and learn how to Behave. In order to have some bathroom…

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